At Burberry, we have always sought to build a culture that is open and inclusive, where all perspectives are valued, and our 10,000 colleagues representing 120 nationalities across 34 countries can find a real sense of belonging. 

We believe that diversity of thought, experience and voices opens spaces for new ideas to thrive, fuelling creativity and enabling us to truly fulfil our purpose. 

Our commitment is implemented through a global, yet tailored approach to diversity and inclusion. We are focused on attracting and retaining a broad range of the best talent, fostering an open culture that supports our people to thrive and creates a sense of belonging.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 

If we are to build a truly inclusive society where everyone is respected and valued, we need to speak up, listen to and learn from one another and take meaningful action. We have made a commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion, equity and belonging. 

To date, we have fulfilled commitments to expand training and scholarships, set up internal and external councils and formed partnerships with organisations contributing towards positive change. Now, with these foundations in place, we are moving to further action-oriented goals. 

At Burberry, we have been working towards embedding a holistic, integrated strategy to how we enact positive change in diversity, inclusion and representation, both across the organisation and within the wider industry.

This encompasses many key areas, including: attracting and retaining the best talent, fostering an open and inclusive culture, raising awareness and implementing a meaningful, global approach.  

We are learning from a range of voices who are helping us not only to hear their stories, but also ask ourselves some challenging questions to bring about impactful change. We are firmly committed to accelerating our progress in this respect, holding ourselves accountable, promoting deeper allyship and ushering in positive and lasting change, in line with our values and Thomas Burberry’s legacy. 



Expanding Education and Training 

Unconscious bias training is mandatory for all employees and those at manager level and above are required to complete inclusive leadership training, ensuring they are equipped to make more inclusive decisions within the workplace.  

As part of the next phase of our strategy, we have taken on feedback from listening and learning within the organisation. As a result, we will be introducing allyship training to senior leaders across Burberry.  

Our Policies 

As we move toward more action-oriented goals, we have introduced a holistic global diversity and inclusion policy, which encompasses clear guidelines and stronger accountability measures to ensure we attract and retain a diverse workforce. This includes a bespoke leaders guide to support our managers to fully integrate the policy within their teams, empowering them to lead inclusively. 

Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

We will continue to evolve our pipeline of talent to ensure we have strong, diverse and inclusive teams of outstanding individuals, inspired by our heritage and fuelled by creativity, curiosity and care. These encompass representation targets for hiring shortlists, supporting growth through learning and development and succession planning. 

Alongside our global D&I policy, we are consistently reviewing our company policies to make sure we are fostering further inclusivity. This year, we introduced a new parental leave policy, offering all employees 18 weeks of parental leave at full pay and the opportunity to work a 30-hour week at full pay for a further four weeks on their return. 

Expanding our Commitments to Communities 

We work with a number of charitable organisations making an impact in different communities, including Oxfam and The Prince’s Trust. 

To support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month and beyond, we’ve engaged with long-term partner the Albert Kennedy Trust, UK Black Pride and Stonewall through donations and partnerships, working towards creating a more inclusive culture within Burberry and the industry.  Burberry is the first luxury fashion brand to become a signatory to the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme.

Burberry has also supported the Samaritans since last year. Beyond our donation towards their programmes, we work with the charity to raise awareness and support around mental health

Improving Access to the Creative Industries 

In order to bring a true variety of perspectives and backgrounds into our company and industry, we know we must diversify how and where we find promising new talent and future leaders. We’ve expanded our creative arts scholarships internationally across academic institutions, committing to sponsor over 50 students over the next five years.   

Part of the work of The Burberry Foundation is to open up the creative industries to people who may not otherwise have had access to or felt able to pursue a career in this arena. Burberry Inspire, which is funded by The Burberry Foundation, is the first in-school art and culture programme of its scope and scale to bring students wide-ranging, hands-on experience of different areas of the creative arts and in turn understand how exposure to the arts can have a positive effect on young people’s lives. The programme is active across Yorkshire in the UK and in New York City. 

Our Councils 

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we created two councils to guide us on our journey. The internal council consists of 12 employees from across Burberry’s market and functions. The external Council consists six experts and thought leaders from a variety of different industries. They continue to champion employee voices and help us in building on a culture of belonging. 

Our external Cultural Advisory Council convenes regularly to share insights and provide an outside-in perspective. In addition to these meetings, they advise Burberry on all matters relating to D&I throughout the year. 


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