Providing educational resources and raising awareness through training, open conversations and inviting in a variety of voices is a critical part of our strategy. 

Training for all colleagues

We have implemented a number of training programmes for our teams so we can mitigate bias across decision-making and ensure everyone is equipped to contribute to an inclusive culture.

• Since 2020, all our colleagues are required to complete unconscious bias training, helping them recognise the assumptions and beliefs that can skew their decision-making. 

• All members of our Talent Acquisition team have undertaken specialised training on mitigating bias in recruitment. 

• We have provided training for all line managers as part of our annual reward review to ensure reward decisions are fair and balanced. 

• In their first week, all new starters are introduced to our global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and D&I Policy as part of their onboarding process.

• All senior leaders globally, including store managers, have completed inclusive leadership training. 

• We also introduced allyship training, which we expect all colleagues to complete by the end of 2021. As an early signatory of the BBC Creative Allies initiative, we work together with the wider creative industry to encourage meaningful allyship alongside our programmes.

Our councils

To help us listen to each other, learn from each other’s experiences and embrace different perspectives, we established our Internal D&I Council and Cultural Advisory Council in 2019. Both of these councils support and guide us on how we can fulfil our strategic goals and cultivate an inclusive environment. 

Our Internal Council is made up of 12 colleagues from across regions and functions who help us build a culture of belonging, from providing advice on internal initiatives to hosting open forums. 

The Cultural Advisory Council consists of six experts and thought leaders from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds around the world. Its members convene quarterly to share insights and provide an outside-in perspective. They also advise Burberry on D&I-related matters throughout the year. Members actively engage with our colleagues and community. This includes offering mentorship, speaking at company-wide events and bringing their perspectives to smaller roundtables at Burberry.

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