We operate in a fast-paced and creative industry, which is trend-led and constantly evolving. Our teams are dynamic and global, and we want to keep growing together and living our shared values. 

We provide a wide range of training to support our employees' development throughout their careers at Burberry – from honing key functional skills to specialist coaching modules. Beyond professional training, we are passionate about supporting our employees' wellbeing by providing access to tools and resources to help them care for themselves and each other. 

In addition, we run special company-wide ‘seasonal programmes’ which include creative initiatives and access to exclusive benefits, enabling our employee community to come together through shared reward. By helping to encourage a sense of belonging, we help our people to feel engaged and fulfilled at work.



Our forward-thinking culture drives our passion for innovation and our ambition to be a brand of firsts.

Development programmes are offered at all levels of the organisation, throughout our Corporate, Manufacturing and Retail functions. These include courses and digital training as well as opportunities for both formal and informal coaching and mentoring. 

We also offer a range of leadership development programmes to support managers on their way to becoming our next-generation leaders. ​

Regular feedback and meaningful performance and career conversations with your manager will help guide your development. These conversations take place quarterly as part of our annual performance management cycle. ​


We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our people. We work to raise awareness of factors impacting mental health, provide guidance on how to best manage personal energy and access to tools that empower our teams to manage their professional lives.

We work closely with organisations such as the Samaritans, both to support their programmes and to collaborate on opening dialogue  around mental health. Burberry is also a signatory of the Time to Change pledge, which underscores our commitment to tackling stigmas associated with mental health in the workplace and creating a supportive environment where our people feel able to share how they are feeling.


We are unique, we are innovative. We are the future of luxury. Together we make Burberry.