Burberry’s guiding principle is Creativity Opens Spaces. It is a shared belief that through creativity we can push boundaries and explore new possibilities for ourselves, our customers and the communities interacting with our brand.

Innovation and  ingenuity have been at the cornerstone of our brand since Thomas Burberry transformed the future of outerwear with his invention of weatherproof gabardine in 1879. 

Wherever we work, whatever we do, we are committed to sharing our experience, knowledge and passion to support, develop and grow our employees and communities.

This ethos permeates our culture and underpins the choices we make for Burberry today. It is supported by four key values, which are intrinsic to Burberry and guide how we behave as a company and as Burberry employees. 


Our purpose, Creativity Opens Spaces, serves as our North Star and is the thread that connects our past to our future. 

When we set about articulating what drives Burberry as a company, it was important to us that it was an inclusive conversation. We brought together employees from around the world to express what Burberry means to them, and what we all share as a common drive and aspiration. 

Through open conversations, letters and even doodle walls around our physical spaces, over 4,000 employees from across countries, teams and roles contributed to the final expression of our purpose and values. 


Alongside our purpose, there are four values that encapsulate the culture we want to foster at Burberry. 

We are committed to being open and caring. We nurture an inclusive and united culture and uphold a legacy of respect and belonging that stretches back to our founder, Thomas Burberry.

We are creatively driven, we believe in the power of creativity and are passionate about what we do. We combine this with a commitment to excellence. 

We are forward thinking, constantly challenging ourselves to keep thinking ahead. We create space to explore new ideas and possibilities. 

Finally, we are proud of our heritage, honouring Burberry’s DNA, combining a strong sense of heritage with a desire to learn from the world. We are inspired by our past as we shape the future.


We are unique, we are innovative. We are the future of luxury. Together we make Burberry.