Founded in 1856, Burberry’s legacy is built its commitment to quality and expert craftsmanship. Our gabardine, a fabric which was invented by our founder Thomas Burberry and is still used to make our iconic trench coats today, is dyed and woven at the Burberry Mill located in Keighley, Yorkshire.


Castleford Mill

Burberry’s iconic Heritage trench coat is handmade in Castleford, Yorkshire, using over 100 individual processes. The most intricate of these is the crafting of the collar, which involves more than 180 stitches to create a fluid curve. It can take up to a year to learn the sewing technique alone – an example of skill and craftsmanship Burberry is renowned for around the world.

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Keighley Mill

Cross Hills, near Keighley, is home to the historic Burberry Mill, which dates from the 1880s. This is where we produce the check lining fabrics and gabardine used in the Heritage trench coat, as well as fabrics for accessories such as shoes and bags. 

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Burberry Manifattura

Our leather goods centre of excellence, Burberry Manifattura, has its home in Scandicci, near Florence, Italy. Here, our highly skilled teams produce our product prototypes, explore new engineering innovations and coordinate our leather goods production.

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